Story of Mubeen Afridi

Son of Farooq Shah and Shaheen Afridi


Siblings: Maleha Afridi (18), Areeba Afridi (10)

Studious and a position holder in his school, the bright-eyed Mubeen was also not lacking in manners and would say salaam to everyone in his street. This was a habit he developed as a young child.

Like other children his age, he enjoyed playing sport and was very fond of football. He played the game well and even won several awards in football matches — the result of regular practice at the stadium. His mother tells how Mubeen got upset once when there was a sports week in APS and the event included all games except football. He was so passionate about the game that he would ask his father to help him go abroad so he could become the best football player.

Mubeen was also fond of different kinds of food but what he most enjoyed was fast food items, rice, fried qeema, sheer khurma and lobia (purslane).

Mubeen also kept parrots at home which still live there. His mother tells how after her son’s passing, she opened the cage so the parrots could fly away but the birds stayed and still remain at Mubeen’s.

He was very close to his mother who recalls him as her friend, her right-hand man and also her bodyguard. She recalls how Mubeen had a penchant for telling the truth. Once, when Mubeen posted an online advertisement to sell his mobile phone, he wrote how his phone had developed a fault but was repaired and operating well. On that his mother said why would someone buy his phone knowing it had once developed a fault. To that, Mubeen said he didn’t care if anyone bought the phone but he could not lie to sell it.