Story of Muzamil Umer Sadiq

Son of Umer Karim Sidiq and Sumera Umer


Siblings: Dr Unzela Umer age 24 years, House Job at LRH, Kamil Umer age 23 Civil Engineer, Hijab Umer age 22 she is disabled, Aimal Umer age 17 years student.

Muzamil Umer and naughtiness were synonymous — so much so that he had his siblings as well as his parents despairing. He would often break glass decoration pieces in the house and run away to avoid being scolded.

He liked being abreast of fashion trends and would get new jeans and t-shirts that suited his taste.

He used to tell his father that he would like to become a religious scholar. He was also Qari of the Holy Quran. He learned Surah Muzamil by heart a day before he was killed.

His mother is deeply affected by the tragic loss of her son.