Story of Zeeshan Ahmed

Son of Sub Ikramullah and Hameeda Ahmed


Siblings: Ishfaq Ahmed (26), Nazia Ahmed (25), Shahab Ahmed (23), Waqas Ahmed (18), Awais Ahmed (14/died in APS attack), Nimra Ahmed (8)

Hailing from Malakand, Zeeshan Ahmed enjoy playing cricket. He often played matches with his brothers and his older brother Ishfaq remembers him as a good fast bowler. Part of his school cricket team, Zeeshan’s favourite player was Shahid Afridi.

An intelligent child, Zeeshan was also a good speaker and enjoyed reading and writing. His teachers regarded him as a bright student.

A loving brother, Zeeshan was very devoted to his eight-year-old sister Nimra. The two used to joke and gossip and Zeeshan would also help her with her studies.

Zeeshan liked fast food very much and enjoyed having burgers. He was also an appreciative and courteous child and would praise his mother whenever she cooked something.

Zeeshan’s brother Awais, who was younger to him, also died in the Peshawar massacre. The brothers were in the same hall and died trying to save each other. Their father remembers how Zeeshan and Awais did everything together and were the best of friends.

Zeeshan aspired to join the army and his father says given how he stood to block the attackers from reaching his friends, he would have made a valiant solider.