All economic targets to be achieved in next two years: Dar

DUBAI: Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has expressed the confidence that all economic targets will be achieved in the next two years.


He was addressing a news conference in Dubai on Thursday after talks with IMF officials.

The Minister said sixty percent increase has been registered in tax collection during the last three years.

He said tax to GDP ratio will be increased to fifteen percent during the next two years.

Ishaq Dar said IMF has supported our program of economic development.

Finance Minister said Pakistan is committed to successfully implement the macroeconomic stability program announced by the Government in June 2013.

He said by collecting 3115 billion rupees FBR exceeded its annual target of 3104 billion rupees.

Ishaq Dar said the GDP growth rate was maintained above four percent in Fiscal Year 2016 and will increase to seven percent by 2017.

He said remarkable achievements were gained in all sectors of economy. He said banking sector showed higher earnings and robust solvency, the Pakistan Stock Exchange scaled highest points and inflation remained curtailed.

The Finance minister also highlighted the Government`s endeavors in energy, social protection, climate reforms and public sector entities.