Australia lifts ban on import of Pakistani mangoes

ISLAMABAD: Australian government lifted the ban placed on the import of Pakistani mangoes and the traders will now be able to export fresh mangoes to Australia.


The ban was imposed due to flies and bugs found in Pakistani mangoes sent to Australia last year.

Now the mangoes will be exported to Australia first treating them with hot water and irradiation.

Under this process, mangoes go through a full cleaning system and treated in hot water at 48°C for about an hour.

That process enhances the shelf life of the product by as much as 35 days.

Faizan Haq a spokesman for Australian High commission in Islamabad said, “Australia has amended its import conditions to enable the export of fresh Pakistani mangoes to Australia after they have been irradiated for fruit flies and mealy bugs.”

Spokesman also said, “The amended import conditions mean that mangoes export to Australia from Pakistan are now able to be treated with whichever irradiation or the current hot water dip treatment.”

Further added, “Importers in Australia may now apply for an import permit for irradiated mangoes from Pakistan.”

Through these new measure, will see Pakistan mangoes more extensively available in the Australian market for Australians to enjoy their summer.

Modified import conditions will apply to all potential Pakistani exporters of irradiated fresh mangoes.