Domestic users in Punjab to face six to eight hours of gas loadshedding

LAHORE: Gas load management in Punjab on Friday announced loadshedding plan for domestic users and industries.


According to the Ministry of Petroleum’s strategy, all the factories related to fertilizer, textile and other departments will not receive gas.

Besides this, CNG sector will also remain close due to the provision of LNG to domestic consumers.

Despite of putting off the gas of all major sectors, domestic users will undergo gas loadshedding of six to eight hours. On the contrary Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) will not face any gas cut-off.

Petroleum Ministry state that gas shortfall in Punjab and KP will be 94 crore cubic feet per day.

Moreover, the plan will take effect after final approval from the ministry.

Pakistan is currently beset with gas deficit of 2 bcdf (billion cubic feet gas per day) as the country’s gas production continues to hover between 3.8 bcfd and 4.2 bcfd, and the constrained demand stands at 6 bcfd. However, the country’s unconstrained demand exists at 8 bcdf.