FBR revises advance income tax on vehicles payable with token tax

LAHORE: The Federal board of Revenue (FBR) has ordered to pay advance income tax with the payment of motor vehicle tax on private motor vehicles.


The FBR revised the rate of advance tax as it has been reduced for filers but increased for non-filers.

According to the revised rates, the filers will pay Rs 800 on vehicles up to 1000CC, while the non-filers will have to pay Rs 1200. The FBR has set Rs 1,500 and R 4,000 for filers and non-filers respectively on 1001CC to 1199CC vehicles.

Similarly, on vehicles of 1200CC to 1299CC, filer-owners will pay Rs 1750 and Rs 5,000 will be paid by non filers, while on 1300CC to 1499CC, Rs 2,500 will be charges from filers and Rs 7500 from non-filers.

The advance income tax on 1500CC to 1599CC vehicles, rate for filers is Rs 3,750 and for non filers Rs 12,000, however Rs 4500 and Rs 15,000 will be deposited by filers and non-filers respectively on 1600CC to 1999CC.

The tax rate for vehicles of 2000CC and above was set at Rs 10000 for filers and Rs 30,000 for non filers.

The advance income tax will be payable with the token tax in post office.