Finance Minister underlines the need to enhance revenue collection

ISLAMABAD: Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has directed for tangible measures to enhance revenue collection and shaping up a people friendly budget for the next fiscal year.


He made the call at a meeting with senior officials of Federal Board of Revenue and the Finance Ministry.

The Minister said enhancement in revenue collection is pre-requisite for economic betterment of the people and the country.

Ishaq Dar referred to a spate of meetings with various stakeholders including the Tax Advisory Council, Economic Advisory Council and representatives of different business associations over the past few days.

He said all of them floated useful proposals which could help devise an effective strategy for revenue collection and preparing the new budget.

The Minister emphasized that recommendations by the tax reforms commission should also be reflected in the budget.

The Chairman FBR on this occasion gave a presentation to the Finance Minister on FBR budgetary proposals.

Ishaq Dar appreciated the FBR for a comprehensive presentation which covered all major areas including sales tax, income tax, customs and excise.

He hoped that all the proposals would be finalized on time to be reflected in the forthcoming budget.