Govt allocates Rs 31 billion for water projects

The Government in its development plan is focusing on water sector and will invest thirty-one billion rupees on different projects in various parts of the country during the next financial year.


According to official sources, fifteen billion rupees have been allocated for land acquisition for Diamer-Bhasha Dam during the year and kept a provision of six billion rupees for construction of lot one out of three.

Diamer-Bhasha Dam which will store 4.7 million acre feet of water and generate electricity of 4500 MW will be future lifeline of the country. In addition, another important hydropower project is Dasu, which will have the capacity to generate 2160 MW. The Government is committed to make these two dams a reality and preparatory works has already started.

Water projects in Baluchistan are the second most important focus of water sector investments comprising construction of delay action dams, flood dispersal structures, canals and small storage dams. Main focus will be on the existing projects that can be completed within the next one or years. In this regards, work is in advanced stages on projects such as Kachhi Canal, Naulong Storage Dam, extension of Pat Feeder Canal to Dera Bugti and ShadiKaur Dam.

Besides these large projects, the Government will also invest in building small dams in the province. This year work will start on Basool Dam in Gawadar.

Similarly, in Sindh, projects that are advancing gradually are Rainee Canal and extension of Right Bank Outfall Drain from Sehwan to Sea. In addition, this year work will start on Makhi Farash Link Canal project.

In Punjab work on channelization of Nullah Deg and Ghabir Dam will commence.

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, other than Dasu, funds will be provided for Keyal Khawar hydropower project, and other small dams. In FATA funding for Kurram Tangi in North Waziristan, and Gomal Zam Dam in South Waziristan will continue.

Besides, numerous schemes of lining of water-courses will be undertaken in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh and Punjab to reduce water wastage together with flood protection and drainage schemes all over the country.