Last date for filing of income tax returns extended till Oct 31

ISLAMABAD: Last date for filing of Income Tax Returns has been extended till 31st of next month.


This was announced by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar at a news conference in Islamabad on Wednesday evening.

He said the concessional rate of withholding tax on banking transactions for non-filers would also remain applicable for another month at the demand of traders.

The rate of withholding tax for non-filers was 0.6%, which was reduced to 0.3% till today and ECC was empowered to extend the date.

The ECC, in its meeting in Islamabad today, decided to extend the date till 31st of next month.

The Minister said after consultations with the Prime Minister on telephone in New York, it has been decided to keep the prices of POL products unchanged for next month.

He said OGRA had recommended nominal decrease of fifteen paisa in the price of petrol and 2.51 rupee to 2.99 rupee increase or decrease in prices of other products.