Major initiatives have been taken to enhance power generation: Dar

ISLAMABAD: Finance Minister Ishaq Dar says the government has taken major initiatives to enhance power generation and improve the transmission system.


Addressing a ceremony in connection with energy conservation today, he regretted the energy sector was neglected in the past but the steps taken by the government will change the energy landscape of Pakistan in the next three years.

Ishaq Dar said special attention is being paid to alternative sources of energy including wind, solar and biomass.

He said eight wind projects of four hundred and twenty nine megawatt are under construction while one thousand megawatt of solar project is being implemented in Bahawalpur.

Turning to the economic performance, the Finance Minister said the country’s economy has been strengthened over the last twenty two months. This has also been acknowledged by the international institutions.

Ishaq Dar said the government had to take some difficult political decisions to revive the economy but these have started yielding positive dividend.

He said inflation level has drastically been brought down and it is expected to remain below five percent during the current fiscal year.

The low inflation rate will help enhance the purchasing power of the consumers and attract more investment.

Ishaq Dar said strong measures have also been taken to enhance tax to GDP ratio.

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