Oil Tankers Association holds strike, supply suspended

KARACHI: Holding a nationwide strike on Monday, the All Pakistan Oil Tankers Owners Association(APOTOA) has suspended the supply of oil all over the country in a bid to protest against the imposition of Rs30,000 sales tax per tanker.


All the provincial governments have imposed the sales tax, in the wake of which APOTOA have announced to cut off oil supply within the country especially to the power sector.

They further threatened to impede the supply to Karachi, if their demand is not agreed upon.

According to the chairman APOTOA Haji Akram Khan Durrani, oil sector is already burdened with various taxes and would not be able to endure any further taxes.

The association has furthermore urged the provincial governments to revert the decision otherwise the oil supply shall not be resumed.

Besides this it is also feared that the shortage of oil related products in the country will occur due to the protest.