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Pak Railways planning to start fast express luggage train

Latest Update: October 17, 2015 | 257 Views
Pak Railway

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Railways is planning to start a fast express goods train between Karachi Port and industrial cities of Punjab in collaboration with private sector to facilitate the business community.

A railways spokesman said transportation of goods is the main source of income of the department, while passenger trains are run to facilitate the people.

He said after coming to power, the present government has enhanced the number of goods train operating between Karachi Port and Lahore from one to 10.

He said the speed of goods train was 55 kilometers per hour previously but now it has been increased to 80 kilometers per hour.

He said number of passengers traveling by Pakistan Railways has increased from 47 million in 2013-14 to 52 million in 2014-15, while it is expected to rise to 57 million this year.