Pakistani mangoes make their way to Japan’s largest island

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani mangoes have made their way to Japan’s Honshu region, giving the Japanese locals a new exciting reason to shop for the King of Fruits.


Honshu is the largest and most populous island of Japan.

The AEON, one of the leading retail giants of Japan, is showcasing Pakistani mangoes bringing quality and affordability for its customers in Japan.

The AEON, being the pioneer retail chain store in Japan, has increased its import of mangoes from Pakistan and continue to work with Global Gap Certified companies of Pakistan meeting the international food standards.

“We are trying to expand our sales remarkably this year by advertising the most prominent characteristic of Pakistani mango – sweetness,” Mr Wakamoto of AEON said.

He said AEON was planning to sell mangoes till the middle of September.

Besides Japanese customers, Pakistani nationals, residing in Japan, have long desired for easy availability of their country’s most prized fruit.