Saudi govt waives off visa fee for first time pilgrims

The Saudi government has waived off visa fee for all first time pilgrims coming for Hajj or Umra.


In a new amendment introduced to visa fees in Saudi Arabia the country’s cabinet of ministers announced that visa fee will be waived off and fully paid for by the Saudi government for first-time pilgrims, Saudi media reported.

The new fee structure will cost 2000 Saudi Riyals ($533) for a single-entry visa. The charges do not apply to first time pilgrims.

A six month multiple-entry visa will now cost 3,000 Saudi Riyals (SR), a one year multiple-entry visa will cost SR5000, while a two year multiple-entry visa will cost SR8000.

Visa fee for transit will cost SR300. Exit visa fee for people leaving the country through it sea port will be SR50.

These revised fees will come into force from October 2.

Exit and re-entry visa fee for residents will be SR200 for a two month trip. An additional SR100 will be charged for each additional month till the iqamah becomes valid.

The changes were announced during a Saudi Council of Ministers meeting on Monday which was chaired by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef who is also the kingdom’s Interior Minister.