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Pakistan, Iran to resume fortnightly passenger train service before Muharram

LAHORE: Pakistan Railways and Iranian Railways have decided to restart a fortnightly passenger train between the two countries before Muharram. The decision was taken in a joint meeting of railway authorities of the two countries. It was decided that train would go to either Mashhad or Qom in Iran. The regular running of 15 freight trains, on the demand of...

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Elections on time as CCI breaks deadlock on delimitation

ISLAMABAD: According to leading Newspapers it is learnt that Counsel of Common Interest has broken deadlock on the delimitation process, as Sindh agreed to hold elections on the basis of provisional Census Data, following assurances from the federal Government for conducting third's Party audit of certain population blocks. The breakthrough could pave way for the timely polls, as the deadlock...

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Meet the new faces of PSL 3

International players were the reason behind the two successful Pakistan Super league (PSL) editions as well as the interest of spectators. The players draft for third edition of Pakistan Super League (PSL) were held in Lahore on Sunday in which many international players become the part of PSL for the first time. Here's a look at players: Aussies Left-arm fast...

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Hundreds join Hollywood #MeToo march against sexual abuse

LOS ANGELES: Hundreds of people marched in the heart of Hollywood on Sunday to support victims of sexual assault and harassment, inspired by a social media campaign that has portrayed such abuse as a pervasive feature of American life. The #MeToo march and rally followed a relentless series of accusations by men and women who said they were victimized by...

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Yemen Prone to Face World’s Largest Famine Due To Saudi’s Declaration of Port Blockade

Women and children residing in Yemen are on the brink of famine currently suffering from the outbreaks of malnutrition and poor medical aid facilities. Yemen has previously faced worst cholera epidemic with more than 900,000 cases and 2190 reported deaths, which was recorded as the worst outbreak ever. The war between Iran and Saudi’s is the root of ongoing humanitarian...

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Lebanon seeks Saudi Arabia for explanation on PM Hariri’s absence amid fears of house arrest

BEIRUT: Lebanon's president appealed to Saudi Arabia on Saturday to explain why Saad Hariri had not returned to Beirut since his surprise resignation as prime minister a week ago. Hariri announced on November 4 in a televised statement from Riyadh that he would be stepping down from his post, shocking the Lebanese political class. The premier has yet to return...

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The Russian Poet Who feasted on his Date’s brain

The 20 year old Russian poet who was awarded as the Poet of the year, by Russia’s writers union in 2016 was accused of murdering his date and eating her brain after a horrendous murder incident. The 20 year old poet met his victim through a social media platform. The 45 year old women longed for a romantic relationship which...

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Allama Iqbal: The forgotten promise

A man of his age, A man ahead of his age and A man at war with his age. Truly the Greatest Poet,Thinker,Philosopher and Ideologue of the past 2 centuries ALLAMA MUHAMMAD IQBAL lovingly known as the Hakim-ul-Ummat. Born in Sialkot on 9 November 1877, in British India (now in Pakistan), whose poetry in Urdu, Arabic and Persian is considered...

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Arbaeen: A universal, borderless, and meta-religious symbol of freedom and compassion.

KARBALA: Arbaeen, why you have never heard of it probably has to do with the fact that the press is concerned more with negative, gory, and sensationalized tabloids, than with positive, inspiring narratives, particularly when it comes to Islam. If a few hundred anti-immigration protestors take to the streets in London and they will make headlines.. The same level of...

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Khatm e Nabuwat Rally blockade Ends a Toddler’s Life

Today a toddler’s life was compromised when his family was rushing him to the hospital. His family and the ambulance struggled to make way for the hospital but their efforts all had gone in vain as little Hassan Bilal fell into an eternal sleep. The innocent boy of a loving family was in need for immediate medical attention due to...

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W.H.O Warns Farmers to Stop using Antibiotics in Animals Due To Increase in Human Health Risk

The global health body is highly concerned about the overuse of antibiotics in animals. The frequent uses of these antibiotics in farm animals have caused the development of drug resistance. The use of antibiotics in agricultural animals has been a common practice worldwide. Antibiotics are fed to animals in order to exterminate any present harmful bacteria inside their body which...

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Nawaz fooled court, people, Parliament, says Supreme Court

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Tuesday issued a 23-page detailed verdict on the review petitions filed by the Sharif family against the July 28 Panama Papers verdict saying that the ousted prime minister tried to fool the apex court and people, both inside and outside of Parliament, and never came up before the court with a whole truth. The July...

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‘Army of spies’: Weinstein hired ex-Mossad agents to silence assault allegations – report

An “army of spies” tried to silence actresses and reporters making allegations against Harvey Weinstein, a report claims. Security firm Black Cube, run by former Mossad operatives, is reported to be involved. The New Yorker magazine revealed that the former Miramax producer hired Black Cube as well as Kroll, one of the world’s largest corporate intelligence firms. Their brief was...

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COAS Bajwa in Iran, to hold discussion on important matters amid shifting climate in Mid-East

In an important development Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa has arrived in Tehran on Sunday where he will meet civil-military leadership of Iran Army Media wing spokesman Major General Asif Ghafoor tweeted on Sunday COAS arrived Tehran, Iran on official visit. Scheduled to meet Iranian civilian and military leadership. — Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor (@OfficialDGISPR) November 5,...

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Foreign Office summoned British envoy lodges protest over ‘Free Balochistan’ posters on London cabs

ON Friday, Pakistan Foreign office summoned British High Commissioner Thomas Drew to convey the concerns over the slogans of 'Free Balochistan' seen on some cabs in London, attacking Pakistan's territorial integrity and sovereignty. However it is reported in different Media outlets, that The Transport for London (TFL) has ordered the removal of offensive advertisements from London cabs immediately which were...

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3rd November 2007 Emergency: 10 years in the making, Democracy ‘then &now’

3rd November 2007 was the day what many termed as an act of treachery, face saving more precise unconstitutional. A decade ago the then President General(R) Pervez Musharraf imposed emergency, suspended the constitution and barred judges who did not comply to his extra constitutional act were put in house arrest Not only that, Media went off the air, many channels...

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Bin Laden Journal reveals his interest in Arab spring in spreading Al-Qaeda ideology

A journal made public by the CIA and apparently handwritten by one of Osama bin Laden's daughters reveals his deep interest in the 2011 Arab Spring revolutions unfolding in the months before he was killed in a US raid. He talks about Libya becoming a pathway for jihadis to Europe, of his visit as a youth to William Shakespeare's home...

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