Acting is the greatest gig in world: Tom Hanks

LOS ANGELES: Tom Hanks thinks he has the “greatest gig in the world” because he loves acting and is in a position to pick and choose the roles he wants.


The Oscar-winning actor’s lengthy career success means he is in a “fabulous” place where he can choose the roles he wants just because they interest him, and unlike some people with “twisted” motives, he only got into the movie-making business because he wanted to have fun.

“I’m at a fabulous place. I really have to be intrigued by a part. It is like sayimg, ‘I’m going to give up, go off, form my repertory company in Cleveland, Ohio, and do plays I’d like to be in.’ It’s not unlike that and it’s nice.

“Some people are in show business for twisted reasons. Power. The money is good. But when I stumbled into this, I did it because it was fun and I’m no goo at anything else. To get paid to make movies? This is the greatest gig in the world,” Hanks, 59, said.