Ahmed Butt accuses wife Humaira of ‘deceitful’ takeover of his property

LAHORE: Model-cum-actor Ahmed Butt Saturday accused his wife and renowned singer Humaira Arshad of fraudulently getting all his property registered to her name.


Holding a press conference at Lahore Press Club, Ahmed Butt accused that his wife Humaira Arshad deceitfully got all his property registered under her name.

Accusing further, Butt added that Humaira later named the property to producer Sakhi Sarwar.

“It is being some 11 years since we tied a knot, but Humaira always kept me in dark,” Butt rued.

Humera Arshad is a Pakistani folk, pop, culture, and ghazal singer from Lahore, trained classically. Her albums are Chori Kach Di and Gal Sun Dholna. She has won numerous honors and awards for her musical achievements.

Ahmed Butt is a Pakistani model and actor. He started his film career with the flick ‘Salakhain’ in 2004.

Ahmed and Humaira tied a knot back in 2004.