All’s good between Kapoor dad and son thanks to Katrina

Rishi Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor share a complicated relationship! The father-son didn’t share much closeness, and Sr. Kapoor even admitted that he wishes that he was more of a ‘friend’ to Ranbir.


He was also very disappointed when Ranbir Kapoor moved out of Krishna Raj and decided to share a home with girlfriend Katrina Kaif.

However, things have in fact got better after Ranbir moved out!

Explains Rishi Kapoor:“Whenever Ranbir was at home, he was never meeting me as he was always so busy with himself and his work. So now, when he is not staying with us, I see him more as he now comes and visits us.”

He also admits that he misses his son a lot, and assures that soon all of them will live together again.

“We are dining out a lot but we miss Ranbir. About two months from now, the house we live in, Krishna Raj, will be broken and remade over next two years. Neetu and me are shifting into a three storey transit apartment close to where Ranbir lives. After two years, we will all move back with Ranbir to new Krishna Raj after it’s ready.”