Angelina Jolie is planning to retire from Hollywood

Actress-filmmaker Angelina Jolie is planning to retire from Hollywood amid her ongoing divorce and custody battle against actor Brad Pitt, says a source.


The Maleficent actress is done making movies and wants to focus on her six children, reports

“Angie is over starring in films. She wants to write and direct but as far as acting is concerned, she has retired.

The next chapter of her life will focus on her children and all the important causes she supports. She finds acting shallow and wants to focus on the stuff in life that really matters,” the source told Naughty Gossip magazine.

Maleficent 2 will be Angelina Jolie’s last film.

She finished working on the foreign language feature film – First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers, which will be released on video-streaming app Netflix.

The By The Sea actor is set to become the owner of the historic Cecil B. DeMille’s estate worth almost $25 million. The 6 bedroom, 10 bath pad was in the market for $25 million, and Jolie paid close to the asked price, reports The home, considered one of the best in Los Angeles, was built in 1913. The famed director lived there until his death in 1959.

Her neighbours will include Ellen Pompeo, Casey Affleck, Natalie Portman, Lauren Graham, Will.I.Am and David Fincher. Initially, Lydia Hearst paid $13 million for the property and Jolie’s purchase is nearly double.

Angelina Jolie has been one of the most successful actors of the Hollywood industry. She has won the Golden Globe Award several times and is also a recipient of The Academy Award.