‘Annabelle 2’ officially in works with original scriptwriter

LOS ANGELES: Annabelle, the sinister doll will continue haunting people as the second part of the movie is in the works with original screenwriter Gary Dauberman penning the script.


The announcement of the sequel comes a year after “Annabelle” hit the screens.

A spin-off to successful horror film “The Conjuring”, “Annabelle” scored USD 37.2 million in the first week of release on a budget of just USD 6.5 million.

It explored the history of the haunted doll Annabelle who exists locked up in an occult museum in Connecticut-visited only by a priest who blesses her twice a month.

The original cast are Annabelle Wallis, Ward Horton and Alfre Woodard. New Line is behind “Annabelle 2”. However, “Annabelle” director John Leonetti is not returning for the sequel and a search for new director is on.

Filmmaker James Wan would return to produce the film.