Atif Aslam and Sonu Nigam join hands for peace

DUBAI: The Phantom menace has brought about a great deal of ‘ban’ on either sides of the border.


In order to promote peace between India and Pakistan, singers Atif Aslam and Sonu Nigam have collectively decided to unite against the ‘ban’ game.

These two singers have chosen to unite and perform together on stage for fans. They believe that people of the two countries should “leave politics for those who play the game”.

“There should never be any lines or demarcations in the creative field. Art and music transcend such petty politics,” said Atif at a press conference.

“Which is why both, Sonu and myself, we are united in our decision to perform together, as one unit.

Audiences in Dubai will not be seeing two solo concerts on one stage tonight; they will see us performing largely together as a tribute to India and Pakistan,” he added.

Sonu Nigam supported Atif’s statement saying, “We will show the people how two artists, from India and Pakistan, can share a stage in the name of unity. This concert will set an example of how the community needs to behave.”

“But why preach; I believe our work will speak for itself,” said Nigam.

“We simply play music,” the singer added.

The duo refused to give further details on the collaboration act planned for tonight’s concert at Dubai World Trade Centre; however, the award-winning singers stated the performance will pay tribute to the UAE martyrs who lost their lives in Yemen.