Being offered amazing roles post Bajirao Mastani: Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh is on a different high. The actor whose performance as Bajirao in the hit Bajirao Mastani garnered him nation-wide applause is pleased as punch.


Making a dashing entry at the red carpet of a local award Show on Friday evening, Ranveer Singh told us that great roles are now coming his way post Bajirao Mastani.

“I am getting offered amazing roles. I feel blessed and thankful that Bajirao has done phenomenally well. I am getting to collaborate with some great filmmakers and great roles are coming my way. Characters getting hard to choose now.”

Ranveer Singh also clarified that apart from Befikre he has not signed any other projects yet.

Speaking about Befikre, Ranveer said, “I am waiting for my hair to grow. We start shooting in Paris in a couple of months from now.”

Ranveer Singh won Best Actor award for Bajirao Mastani.