Celebrities are soft targets: Sonakshi Sinha

From page 02 In her five-yearlong Bollywood career, Sonakshi Sinha has not only given multiple hits like Dabangg (2010), Rowdy Rathore (2012) and R… Rajkumar (2013), but has also made it a point to stay connected with her fans, especially through social media. Recently, she crossed the 20 million followers mark on Facebook.


“It’s great to know that there are millions of people supporting you, and appreciating your work. I never imagined that I’ll have a family of 20 million; it feels amazing. It motivates me to do more and more, and to give back to them for all the love they have showered on me. I look forward to having this family grow tenfold in the coming years,” says Sonakshi.

The actor feels that it is important for celebrities to remain active online, as it is the need of the hour. “Times are changing, and everything is going digital, which is great, because that’s breaking barriers. The Internet gives you a platform to reach out to your fans anywhere in the world. I can talk to them one on one, and get first-hand feedback on my work, as opposed to back in the day, when the only feedback you got was through newspaper articles and critics,” she says.

Having said that, Sonakshi, who has been trolled online on a couple of occasions, feels that this accessibility can also backfire at times. “Celebrities are soft targets. It’s very easy for people to say anything that comes to their mind online, but we are no victims either. There’s a great option called the mute button,” she says, adding that no amount of backlash will stop her from being herself. “My family has taught me to voice my opinions, and if I know I’m saying the right thing, they’ve taught me to stand by it. So, I have no regrets whatsoever, and while I have got flak for it by some [people online], I cannot forget that many have supported and stood by me as well. I choose to look at the upside over the downside,” says the actor.