Chris Pine in talks to play Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman

LOS ANGELES: Chris Pine has reportedly got an offer to join “Wonder Woman”.


The “Star Trek Into Darkness” actor is in negotiations to portray Steve Trevor, a love interest to Gal Gadot’s super-heroine character princess Diana.

Scott Eastwood was originally rumoured for the coveted part. Reports claimed the son of Clint Eastwood was given a choice to test for the Trevor role or sign on for a guaranteed supporting part in “Suicide Squad”. He chose the latter.

“Wonder Woman” is set for June 23, 2017. Patty Jenkins is set to direct the comic book movie after Michelle MacLaren left due to creative differences.

It is expected to be the first blockbuster superhero movie led by a female character since Marvel won’t release their first super-heroine movie “Captain Marvel” until November 2, 2018.

Pine was last seen on the big screen as Cinderella’s Prince in Rob Marshall’s star-studded “Into the Woods”.