Die Hard 6 in works with Len Wiseman Directing

LOS ANGELES: 20th Century Fox is going to make a sixth “Die Hard” movie, with “Live Free or Die Hard” helmer Len Wiseman returning to director’s chair.


According to Deadline, “Die Hard 6” will be a prequel of sorts. The project is still in early stages of development with plans to set much of the action in 1979, so it will take the movie back in time.

Bruce Willis is very likely to return to the action franchise, though the movie will take place when his character, John McClane, was just a regular cop in gritty New York City and will “show how he became a die hard kind of guy.”

A younger actor will play Willis’ character, while Willis will appear as McClane in scenes bookending the movie.

Lorenzo di Bonaventura is involved as producer. Along with Wiseman, he is now looking for a scribe to write a story of a reinvention of the venerable action series.

There is another rumour that Fox attempted to bring Samuel L Jackson back to the “Die Hard” franchise. The Academy Award nominee was expected to reprise his “Die Hard with a Vengeance” role as Zeus Carver.

The “Die Hard” movies have grossed nearly USD 1.5 billion worldwide. The last film, 2013’s “A Good Day to Die Hard”, was considered as the worst film in the franchise, grossing only USD 67 million domestically. However, the movie ended up earning USD 304 million at the worldwide box office.