Drunk Shia LaBeouf arrested for jaywalking in Austin

“Transformers” star Shia LaBeouf was arrested for jaywalking and running down the street while being drunk at the Austin City Limits music festival in Austin, Texas.


The 29-year-old actor was “out of control and disobeyed police” on the street, reported TMZ.
The arrest happened outside a bar on 6th street.

The actor was clearly intoxicated or high on drugs. He reportedly jaywalked in front of the police after he ran down the street. The cops warned him to stop it but he continued and acted bizarrely.

LaBeouf was then subdued and handcuffed. In some photos and a video, the actor wore a blue T-shirt and black shorts. He sported black socks and shoes of the same hue. He turned his face down when he was brought into the police’s car.

It isn’t the first time LaBeouf has been arrested for public intoxication. Last year, the actor was arrested at the Broadway musical “Cabaret” in New York. He was smoking cigarettes and yelling at the actors when watching the musical.

He entered a guilty plea in September and was ordered to complete a six-month treatment for his drinking problem.

His case was dismissed and sealed after he displayed good behaviour in six months.