Farah Khan reacts to ban on Pakistani actors

MUMBAI: Reacting to calls for ban on Pakistani actors, Indian choreographer and director Farah Khan said she would “prefer having someone from my country in my movies.”


She made the remarks in New Delhi on Saturday, Indian newspaper reported.

Farah said it would be unfair to ban films such as Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (starring Fawad Khan) and Raees (with Mahira Khan in lead), which have already been finished.

She, however, said from now on the industry should focus on working with actors from our own country.

“I think there are a handful people, not even handful but may be two people we are talking about. They are not important in the scheme of things. When they did those movies, it wasn’t illegal to have Pakistani actors working in Indian movies.

The movies were shot at considerable expense and hardwork, I don’t think it is fair to ban those movies. I think from now on, if you are saying we should not work with them, I say we have enough talent in our country and we should work with people from our country. What do we don’t have that they have? I think we are far better. So, we would work with our people. I would definitely prefer to take somebody from my country for my movies,” Farah said at the event.