Gigli flop wasn’t a big deal: Jennifer Lopez

LOS ANGELES: Singer-actress Jennifer Lopez did not let the failure of her 2003 movie “Gigli” get her down, because she knew she would bounce back from the critical backlash.


Lopez, 46, and her then-partner Ben Affleck teamed up for the poorly-received film, which has become a punchline for flops.

In a new interview, Lopez said her positive outlook has always helped steer her back to success when thinks looked a little bleak for her career.

“I never thought of it as, ‘Oh, this is terrible! My career’s over!’ I just never thought that. I just knew that that movie didn’t work and that’s all it was,” she said.

The singer has the same outlook when it comes to her personal life, admitting she doesn’t dwell on her three failed marriages or her broken engagement to Affleck.

“(I’m like), ‘That relationship didn’t work and that’s all it was’,” she added.

“It wasn’t going to end me, personally or professionally. Even later on, after I got married and had kids, and it was a slow time for me work-wise. I pulled back and I was working on my marriage and I was being a mom and all that. I didn’t feel like, ‘Oh, what is my life? Who am I right now? Am I still that entertainer?’”