Happy with the wage I get: Kareena

From Hollywood stars to Bollywood celebs, everybody has been actively voicing their opinion on the gender wage gap these days. Kareena Kapoor too has opened up about the disparity in remuneration.


In a recent interview with an Indian newspaper, the Bollywood diva expressed her lack of concern about the ongoing debate.

“Everyone has raised a hue and cry [about the issue], and so many figures are being tossed around, but I’ve never had an issue,” said the actress.

“I’m not complaining about the fact that I’m not paid well. I don’t know what others get but I know what I get paid. And the fact is, I’m very happy with that,” she added.

She also revealed that the audience just cares about “good scripts” nowadays, it doesn’t matter if the lead role is played by a male or a female actor.

“It’s good to say that heroine-oriented films are working now, but I think it’s just the good scripts. And hopefully, we will get a lot more entertaining scripts in time to come,” she added.

Bebo is perfectly balancing her career and marital life, but it seems the ghosts of her past will keep on haunting her. Everyone was surprised when Vishal Bhardwaj announced the cast of his next film Rangoon which will feature Bebo’s husband Saif Ali Khan and her ex-beau Shahid Kapoor in lead roles.

When asked how the director managed to convince Shahid and Saif to star together, he revealed, “Mera bas chalta toh main Kareena ko bhi cast karta (If things were in my hands, I would have cast Kareena, too). But no, this is not the thing. The role was only written for Kangana Ranaut. Saif and Shahid are amazing actors,” Vishal added.