I am an action hero: John Abraham

Despite having done various genres like action, comedy and drama in his career of more than a decade, actor John Abraham considers himself an action hero.


The 43-year-old “Madras Cafe” star said though he has incurred many injuries while shooting for action sequences, he loves the genre.

“I love action and I believe I am an action hero. Injuries are part of it. I have had three knee surgeries recently. I have also had foot surgeries, broken both my hands. It’s ok, I am fitter, stronger and faster.

“I get injured often. I sign up for action, I don’t dance often. If I was a dancer then I would not have got injured often. It’s easy to wear a frock and dance, but it is difficult to do action,” John told reporters here yesterday at the press conference of Standard Chartered Marathon.

John, who has a slew of releases this year like “Rocky Handsome”, “Dishoom” and “Force 2”, said one should stay fit and healthy.

“If your religion is fitness, then one would either go to gym or exercise or walk or take part in Marathon. Fitness is the best religion…one should worship his body. It’s good to lead a healthy lifestyle and follow good habits,” he said.

The face of the Mumbai Marathon, John says he feels honoured to be part of the brand for many years now.
“This has been my longest ever association with any brand. Just being the face has given me an opportunity to be credible. Marathon has grown by leaps and bounds.

I have been the face of Mumbai Marathon for 11 years. It’s the most credible association one can have with a brand,” he said.

John also wishes to run full marathon some day. “As brand ambassadors we have certain things to do. I do wish to run full marathon. Every day I run half a marathon, 15 to 16 kms. Getting on the road and running is a credible thing,” he said.