I am dying to come to Pakistan: Anil Kapoor

MUMBAI: Veteran Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor has said that Pakistanis and Indians are “brothers and sisters” and will not miss a chance to visit the neighboring country.


The actor made the statements during an interview.

Kapoor said, “I will definitely come to Pakistan if I get an invitation. I think I will visit soon.” He added, “I always say this and it’s a fact that I am dying to come there.”

The Welcome actor went on to say that he felt happy when the people from Pakistan watch and love his movies. “We are brothers and sisters. I am just an entertainer and it’s my job to entertain people whether they are in Pakistan or India,” he added.

Kapoor said that time has arrived for Pakistanis and Indian to start working on joint film productions.

The Bollywood actor said that Indian producers and directors should be allowed to make films in the neighboring country.