I am not endorsing the idea of being thin, says Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti Chopra’s brand new gym toned body has found her a new fan following. While on one hand she has earned praises for her new look, there were haters who criticised her for shedding her earlier cute plump image.


Calling her criticism bizzare,Parineeti Chopra told “That is bizzare.

Being fit is not bad. Everybody needs to be fit. Thin is a different conversation. You need to be your fittest self. I was unfit. I wanted better stamina and better control of my energy which I have today. I am not endorsing the idea of being thin. I am endorsing the idea of being fit.”

Talking about her newly minted body, Parineeti said, “It’s good. Ever since I became an actress, my weight used to be discussed and I wanted time to work out on my body. When I got these eight months to work on myself, I did so and I am glad the results are showing.” (PHOTOS: Parineeti Chopra stuns with these fab pics, time to hit the gym right away?)

Parineeti Chopra flaunted her perfect bod at the award function held on Monday (December 21).