I can wait a lifetime for Deepika: Ranveer Singh

MUMBAI: Ranveer Singh may not have officially made public his love for Deepika Padukone yet but there is no denying that the actor is absolutely smitten by his gorgeous co-star.


At the song launch of ‘Bajirao Mastani’ held at a stadium in Pune today, Ranveer proudly declared that he is willing to wait a lifetime for Deepika.

When we quizzed Deepika later about whether she too would be willing to wait a lifetime for Ranveer, a blushing Deepika replied,

“Please ask him in what context. If it is in context of waiting to board a train or meeting at a restaurant.”

Ranveer Singh, on his part, tried to play safe when put in a spot by Deepika.

Explaining what he meant, Ranveer Singh said: “It was one of those random, smart wisecracks which I cracked by saying, ‘She is so beautiful that I will wait all my life for her.’

You guys (media) waited since morning for us. So, if you ask me I would say she is so gorgeous that I would wait all my life for her.” Love actually, we say.