I want to make films for kids: Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan has his fingers in many pies. From acting in films and producing them, to owning sports teams and entertainment theme parks, he’s got many business interests. Ask him what excites him the most, and the 49-year-old surprises by saying, “I love children. And I would like to make films for them later on, if I can. That’s one area I want to go towards.”


But for him entertainment is the king and any business that is related to that field has his support. “At the end of the day, it’s all about entertainment in different fields – sports, children and films. I think it’s a new business to be a sports-management company and sports-franchise handling firm. And I believe that we have that kind of professionals (to handle such work) and I think that’s the way to grow,” he says.

But has diversification into different areas always been a part of the big plan? “More or less, most of the stuff that my company does is entertainment-oriented. Whether you look at T20 cricket or the football league where I own a team, we belong to the entertainment part of sports. I look at my company as an ‘entertaining’ company. Similarly, the indoor theme park for families is entertainment for children,” says the actor.

While Shah Rukh says he might never get into the real estate sector, venturing into the food business could be a faint possibility. “In that sense, I think we are not diverse in a big way, so we would never get into something like construction simply because we don’t know that job,” he says, and adds without any hesitation, “However, we can get into something like making restaurants since that’s hospitality and involves looking after people, entertaining people but that too will be thematic ones with a lot of creativity involved. Having said that, I am not saying we will do it (smiles),” he says.