I will get married once I win the National Award: Katrina Kaif

MUMBAI: Bollywood beauty Katrina Kaif, who has been more in the news for her personal life than her career, finally breaks silent about her relationship and wedding rumours with beau Ranbir Kapoor.


While promoting her upcoming film Phantom, Katrina yet again tried to evade questions about her relationship with Ranbir by saying that she is in no mood to settle down any time soon.

According to local media, when asked if she is planning to look at life beyond a career in cinema, the actor promptly replied, “Not right now. At some point, we all will have to broaden our horizon and see what we are looking at.” “I think it’s both of our views at the moment,” she added.

Katrina has remained quite guarded about her private life and has often tried to escape personal questions from the media.

So when inquired about her forthcoming marriage to her longtime boyfriend, the actor said: “As I was presuming what question you were going to ask me and you did ask me, I was thinking I would come up with a very good answer for this.

I will get married once I win the National Award,” and added, “Even if the film wins a National Award, and not I personally, still I would get settled down.”

She then gave the reporters a piece of her mind and said:” We are in an age where we debate about equality of pay. I feel if we do have to bring gender equality, we cannot obsess about a woman’s marital status and ignore her work.”

“I do understand you too are under pressure to ask such questions, but I feel you can choose not to ask. Let’s just not ask that question. I’m here in the capacity of an actor and it’s a professional setup.

We can avoid asking such questions. Let’s say if you are at a chat show, that’s where you chat about life and stuff,” said the actress.

She then went on to talk about her film Phantom and took the conversation back on track.

“I think that stability in my career would come by doing better roles and better films. I do think that a film with as credible a backdrop as Phantom if it is accepted in the way that we think it will would do wonders for me.

I have confidence in the film. I think it (doing films like Phantom) does give you credibility as an actor”, concluded Katrina.