If you don’t like item numbers, don’t watch them: Sohai Ali Abro

KARACHI: With two hit films under her belt, Sohai Ali Abro is soaring high on success. Having done item numbers in both films, the actress shares her viewpoint on the controversy surrounding “item songs”.


In a recent interview, Sohai was asked about her JPNA co-star, Hamza Ali Abbasi’s condemnation of item numbers to which she replied, “I differ from his stance because I believe you can’t stop someone from doing something. You can only decide for yourself and everyone has a personal choice.

“If you don’t like item numbers, don’t watch them,” she added.

Her item number ‘Selfiyaan’ from film ‘Wrong No.’ received a lot of criticism from the local audience, but the actress refused to call it an “item number”.

“It’s not like a girl is dancing amid random men who are enjoying her dance moves,” said Sohai in another interview.

“My character [in the film] is getting married in a family she is related to. She is just dancing as part of the celebrations. I don’t think family is involved in item numbers even the clothes and lyrics [in Selfiyaan] were not provocative,” she explained.

On a question about whether or not she prefers doing item numbers, the actress said, “I won’t say anything concrete about doing item numbers or not, but I am not very fond of doing them.”

“I wouldn’t want to be an item girl,” she added.