Irrfan Khan supports ban on pornography in India

MUMBAI: Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan is all for porn being banned in India and criticized the reversal of the controversial decision to ban pornography in India.


He’s known as one of the best actors currently in the Indian film industry. His latest movie Jurassic World was not only a a hit worldwide but it also amassed a huge amount at the box office. Irrfan Khan has been instrumental in making a name for himself internationally and is recognized as a versatile actor.

The Indian actor recently spoke out against the reversal of the Indian government’s decision to ban pornography. According to Irrfan, porn should be banned as no profit comes from it.

“Freedom to access any kind of information and entertainment on the internet is a fine thing. But this accessibility to porn is a huge problem for parents whose children are prematurely exposed to adult content. There is no stopping the free flow of smut on the internet,” said Irrfan.

Irrfan has a reason for sporting such anti-porn views. He has two sons who are growing up and he is rightly concerned as to what they might encounter on the internet. “It’s not only about child pornography, which is a very serious issue. It’s also about children getting free access to pornography. A five-year old child can look at sexually explicit content on the net without knowing what is being done. It can mess up his perceptions of gender equations for all times.”

According to the Bollywood actor, pornography has many adverse effects and limits the art of lovemaking. According to Irrfan, pornography focuses on ‘instant gratification’.

Irrfan Khan also had particular views about pornographic actors and actresses who participated in such ventures and stated that they were subject to exploitation. “Especially, the women who shoot for these films are highly susceptible to exploitation. They do it mainly out of financial compulsions.”

“It’s only harmful to society. Nothing there that threatens our freedom.”

Earlier, many Bollywood celebrities such as Sonam Kapoor, Vishal Dadlani and Ram Gopal Varma had issued harsh statements against the ban on porn.