Justin Bieber charging fans USD 2k for selfie during world tour

Pop sensation Justin Bieber, who kicks off his Purpose World Tour on March 9 next year in Seattle, will charge fans USD 2,000 to take a selfie with him during a meet-and-greet.


The 21-year-old singer, however, made his fans annoyed with his new decision, reported InTouch weekly.

Many of them took to Twitter to express their distaste for these prices, using the hashtag, #JusticeForBrokeliebers.

“My momma don’t like these prices and she likes everything #justiceforbrokeliebers,” an user wrote.

Another wrote, “The beliebers who stayed through the bizzle phase deserves free m&g tickets #justiceforbrokeliebers.”

“I honestly hope no one shows up at the M&G because it’s a waste if you’re going to spend USD 2000 for 10 seconds #justiceforbrokeliebers,” a fan tweeted.