Kate Winslet turns 40 today

LOS ANGELES: Kat Winslet catapulted to international fame playing helpless romantic and redhead socialite Rose DeWitt Bukater in 1997’s Titanic. Now the Hollywood actress is preparing to celebrate her 40th birthday.


The British thespian will mark the milestone with a long and already illustrious career spanning two decades under her belt as well as a number of accolades, including a best Actress Oscar for her 2008 romantic drama film The Reader, to her name.

In August, she revealed that she planned “to spend my birthday in a bikini because I want to feel great,” she revealed. “So I’m really looking forward to it.”

While the scarlet has enjoyed success on the screen, it has been her outspoken, “ballsy” character and complicated love life that has guaranteed her the most column inches.

Winslet is the mother of three children, Mia, Joe, and Bear Blaze. Despite facing backlash for having three children with three different men, the actress has often defended her personal choices.

In March 2015, she told that she did not regret either of her two divorces as she believes it’s important to teach children how to “struggle”.

The blonde beauty, who is worth an estimated £60m, likes to maintain an optimistic outlook on life by turning negative experiences into positive ones.

Although she hates the nude scene in Titanic, over the years she has learnted to love the skin that she is in and refuses to buckle to societal pressure to be a size zero.

The naturally curvy woman previously explained that she feels a sense of responsibility to other women and plastic surgery simply “goes against her morals”.