Lawsuit filed against Priyanka Chopra’s ‘Quantico’

Priyanka Chopra’s Quantico is involved in a lawsuit over claims that it has been stolen from a CNN documentary aired in 1999, with a case being registered against producer Mark Gordon and his company.


According to reports, the complaint filed by filmmakers Jamie Hellman, Barbara Leibovitz Hellman and business executive Paula Paizes, states that Gordon stole the idea from their documentary Quantico: The Making Of An FBI Agent, created after the makers had spent 16-weeks following a class of FBI recruits. Paizes had bought the documentary to Mark and the “Quantico Project” was initially intended to be made as a movie revolving around “a conspiracy inside the FBI Academy.”

Hellman and Leibovitz provided “information which was not included in the Documentary, including all of their notes and transcripts.”

The filmmakers state, “The detailed knowledge of training techniques, lifestyle and terminology used in Quantico could only have derived from the transcripts and notes obtained by Leibovitz and Hellman during their unprecedented access to FBI recruits for the Documentary, copies of which were retained by [Gordon].”