Liam Neeson most-liked celebrity endorser

LOS ANGELES: Hollywood star Liam Neeson recently outranked other celebrities in a survey conducted by Nielsen company which scored celebrity endorsers.


The survey measured a number of qualities, including likability, public awareness and influence.

Nielsen looked at celebrities who made commercials during the first quarter of the year and ranked them based on N-Score which took into account the aforementioned qualities.

Neeson, 62, alongside Pierce Brosnan got the same score of 94. Despite the matching score, Neeson was put at the top of the list as he was said to have greater influence in getting the products sold.

Neeson appeared in a “Clash of Clans” commercial for Supercell Games, while Brosnan promoted Kia Motors.

The survey company said that Neeson was viewed positively by 78 per cent of Americans who knew him.

Matthew McConaughey came in the third position with the score of 93.

In the first quarter of 2015, he appeared in a commercial for Lincoln Motors. Following McConaughey was Jennifer Garner who scored 90, similar to that of Natalie Portman.

Other celebrities who made it to the top 10 list were Jeff Bridges, Sofia Vergara, Jim Parsons, Dennis Haysbert and J K Simmons.