Madonna faces rebellion from her kids

One may be an international celebrity and an icon, loved and envied by millions. But what does one do when there’s a rebellion brewing back home? Pop star Madonna faces this dilemma routinely. Her kids are fed up with her busy schedule and want some quality time with her even as she remains busy with her gruelling tours.


The two teenagers of the 57-year-old beauty–Rocco and Lourdes, are fed up with the Material Mum’s mixed messages — and they’re acting out on their frustration, Australian news agency reports.

The kids crave stability but their mother’s relentless touring schedule and ‘too controlling’ nature has made that difficult.

It was even reported sometime back that a full-blown fight occurred between the singer and her son, who expressed the desire to live with his dad and claimed that she was jealous of her ex-husband film director Guy Ritchie’s stable life.

Most notably, the family is suddenly embroiled in a custody dispute between the songstress and her ex-husband over their son, Rocco.