McDonald’s movie will show dark side of the franchise

‘The Founder’, an upcoming biopic on McDonald’s mastermind Ray Kroc, will showcase the dark side of the franchise, says actress-filmmaker Laura Dern.


The “Jurassic Park” star, who will play Kroc’s (Michael Keaton) first wife Ethel, insists the film will be a “true depiction” of the fast food franchise and “what it meant to Americans in really positive ways,” reported E! Online.

“I had a lot of curiosity about how we got here, we meaning Americans, in terms of the idea of the seemingly brilliant concept to serve ‘unreal’ food to make a lot of money and what it’s done to America,” Dern said.

The 48-year-old actress said she was interested in Kroc as an individual and “what gets sacrificed when greed is a priority or self-loathing in a way is a priority to his own life.”

Directed by “The Blind Side” helmer John Lee Hancock, “The Founder” also stars Linda Cardellini, Nick Offerman and Patrick Wilson.