My mother encouraged me to go bold in Hate Story 3: Zareen Khan

No actress who debuted with Salman Khan ever went the bold way until Zareen Khan and Daisy Shah broke the norm by shedding their inhibitions for their upcoming movie ‘Hate Story 3’.


While people shy away from watching erotic thriller films such as Hate Story series with their families, Zarine Khan, who will be acting in the third chapter of the franchise, says that her mom convinced her to give a nod of consent to bold scenes. “My mom has a chilled out attitude”, she says. Hate Story 3 is all set to hit the theater on December 4.

The Veer actress shared with Indian Express, “When I was having difficulties convincing myself, I told my mother about it. She is the only person whose opinions matter to me in my life. So, I told her that I have been offered this movie and there are these bold scenes and if I should do it? And she said yeah, do it. What’s is the big deal?”.

“It’s there in every movie these days. That gave me the push. And she is right. In every movie nowadays we see such scenes where people are kissing. May be the way we have shown in ‘Hate Story 3’ is a little bolder but it has nothing that is not happening in any other films”, she continued.