Naseeruddin Shah speaks out in support of Pakistani actors

MUMBAI: Vetran Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah slammed Indian extremist party MNS and spoke out in support of Pakistani actors.


Shah speaking on the MNS ban said only artistes who aim to spread the message of love and peace are attacked. “They (MNS) have as much fun targeting the industry as they would have while watching films made by Bollywood. We haven’t broken diplomatic ties with Pakistan, nor are we in the state of war, or have sealed our borders,” Shah said.

Naseeruddin Shah also questioned what the point was of threatening defenceless artistes.

Karan Johar filmmaker for Pakistani actor Fawad Khan starrer Ae Dil Hai Mushkil gave into extremist MNS threatening the release of his movie. After a meeting with its chief Raj Thackeray he vowed not to cast any Pakistani actors in the future and donate Rs 50 million to the army welfare fund.