No clue about brother’s rekindled romance with Miley Cyrus: Chris Hemsworth

LOS ANGELES: Actor Chris Hemsworth is clueless as to whether his brother Liam Hemsworth is back with his ex Miley Cyrus.


Recent reports suggested that “The Hunger Games” star Liam, 26, recently reconciled with pop superstar Cyrus, 23, after they spent the holidays together in the actor’s native Australia.

“Not that I know of mate,” he responded during a talk on Australian radio program when asked whether the former couple were back together again.

Chris went on to explain that though he is close with his brother, it is unlikely he would be in the know about the situation.

“I would find out through the press,” he laughed and added, “I find out last most of the time.”

Cyrus and Liam first started dating in 2009 and they became engaged to wed in 2012, but the pair decided to call it quits a year after he popped the question.