No gender equality in Hollywood: Sandra Bullock

LOS ANGELES: “Gravity” star Sandra Bullock agrees that there is a gender equality issue in Hollywood. Bullock said the wage gap is just a “byproduct” of a larger problem.


“I keep saying, ‘Why is it that no one is standing up and saying you can’t say that about a woman?’” Bullock said. “We’re mocked and judged in the media and articles. Really, how men are described in articles versus women, there’s a big difference.”

The 51-year-old actress, who has often been asked questions about fashion on the red carpet while the man next to her gets inquiries about politics, thinks changing the conversation about women is step one.

“Once we start shifting how we perceive women and stop thinking about them as ‘less than,’ the pay disparity will take care of itself,” she said. “There’s a much bigger issue at hand. I’m glad Hollywood got caught.”