Orphanage scene in ‘Pan’ hit close to home: Hugh Jackman

LOS ANGELES: Hollywood star Hugh Jackman’s new film “Pan” was extra special for him because it partly centres around orphans.


The “Les Miserables” star’s kids are both adopted and he hopes the movie will touch other parents who have adopted children.

“In scenes at the orphanage in the beginning of the movie, the nun talks harshly: ‘Your mums are not waiting for you. You’re not going to see them again’.

“I actually read this to my wife and talked to Joe Wright about it. I went, ‘Hang on. This is dealing with adoption and orphans. I want to make sure that this movie is not something my kids are going to feel weird about’.

Every movie I do, I think, ‘My kids are going to see this’. When it’s a movie about adoption, I want to make sure that they don’t feel uncomfortable.”