Pakistani movies should release in India, says Ali Zafar

Pakistani singer-actor Ali Zafar feels that like Bollywood, the film industry in Pakistan is also growing.


“Over the past few years, many movies have been made in Pakistan. And with the growing competition, the quality is bound to improve. I have met many talented directors and writers with some great ideas, and I want to work with them,” says Ali.

“I feel that just like Indian films release in Pakistan, Pakistani movies should also release in India. I am sure people here will like them,” he adds.

After donning several hats –– that of a singer, actor and a producer (he is currently working on his debut production) –– Ali says he now wants to direct a film. He says, “Multitasking is challenging, but I enjoy it. I would love to direct a movie in the future. Film direction has always fascinated me.”

Talking about the difference between the film industries of both the countries, Ali says, “India has an edge when it comes to the infrastructure here, because this industry has been growing for decades. I am sure the Pakistani film industry will also become more systematic in the next few years.”